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David A. Pedersen RIP

It is with great sadness that  we note the passing of Jeffrey Keahon's close friend and colleague, Dave Pedersen. He was, as is said below, "a truly unique soul".

Obituary for David Alan Pedersen

PEDERSEN, David Alan (Dave), 64, born on April 30th, 1950, at The New York Polyclinic Hospital in New York City, NY, passed away peacefully on Sunday, January 25, 2015 at his home in Pearl River, NY, from complications of Diabetes. He was found with a smile on his face.

A Memorial Service will be held on March 1st at 4:00 pm at the YMCA in Nyack.

In lieu of flowers, as per his request, donations may be made to any of the following organizations; The Rockland YMCA, The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, Jawanio (Rockland Center for the Physically Handicapped), The Hi-Tor Animal Shelter or the Historical Society of Rockland.

David was the beloved son of the late Marguerite Pedersen, born to Emil and Anna Olsen in 1908. She was a long time and active Rockland resident who passed away in 1987. His father, the late Thomas K. Pedersen, (Torjei Pedersen Aasland) was born in 1901 to Peter Pedersen and Anna-Marie Pedersen Aasland in Aeseral, Norway, passed away far too young from a heart attack in 1969.

He is survived by his older brother, Thomas K. Pedersen married to Carolyn Pedersen, a well known artist, their children, his nephew, Thomas Scott Pedersen, and niece, Kirsten Pedersen Szustak. His closest relatives were his cousin Ann Sylvia Bogusz, her husband Bob, their children Lisa and Debbie, Janet and Wally Hoag and their daughter Ingrid. In addition were his cousins Frank Erichsen, married to Eileen and their twin sons Frank and Eric and Eva Erichsen who is married to Ed Brylawski and their two children Jim and Alexis… There were large family get togethers, and David would inevitably be the life of the party…

His beloved friend and soulmate, Anna Pedersen Harding, (daughter of his in-laws, the late Maria Chattey and her husband Nigel Chattey from Irvington, NY) were married on the “Commander” in 1991. A Paul Harris Fellow, she was an enormous support in his life, until his last day on earth…

As were his loving daughter Alana Oleinikoff Ali, (also a Paul Harris Fellow) and their grandchildren, Dakota and Kalianna. His sister-in-law Maria-Victoria Solstrand and her three boys, Gunnar, Kristian, and Niklas, who all live in Norway, were a large part of his life when they were able to get together, as was his sister-in-law, Bonnie Chattey who resides in Glendora, CA.

Jeffrey Keahon and David were avid golfers, playing together every chance they could. Enjoying playing golf as a foursome and dancing the night away with Angela and Anna, at fundraising events, and Rotary functions together…

Jeffrey and Angela’s son Will, his wife Tracy, and their children, William Jr. and Natalee Jean were like a second family to him, and have been such a support during this difficult time… David always spent Thanksgiving at their home, welcomed with open arms…

David had also been married to Patricia Pedersen and Sandra Cokeley.

Growing up, David was an active participant at the Park Evangelical Free Church in New City, founded by his mother. It was there that he met some of his life-long school and church friends, all who had ribbons of perfect attendance, as one would expect…

She was the owner of Pedersen’s Travel, and a Real Estate and Insurance business, that both became located in the Pedersen Building on Main Street in New City, along with other tenants. David became President of Pedersen’s Travel and manager of the building after she passed away.

Marguerite was an active member of the Rockland Chapter of Soroptomists International, a business women’s group, founder of the Organized Taxpayers Association, the Park Evangelical Free Church, and a Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International. She was named Rockland County Woman of the year in 1976, and again in 1986 by the Rockland Business and Professional Women’s Club.

His father, Tom as he was known, came to the US in 1922, as an electrician by trade. He spoke no English, and got a job with a flooring company in upper Manhattan, becoming foreman. When he and Marguerite moved to New City Park in 1938, he started his own Flooring company (T. Pedersen Flooring).

In 1948, after getting her Real Estate license, expanding their business and receiving her Insurance Brokers license in Pearl River, she opened an Insurance and Real Estate business in Nanuet. Convincing her husband to get his own Real Estate license, he began building homes, partnering with a group of friends from NY and Norway (Tryon Construction). The group built 48 homes just off of Eckerson Road in Spring Valley.

Refusing to “clear cut” properties, each purchaser would agree on where the house would be placed, and which trees should be saved. The houses were staggered so as not to be a “development.” The 50 acres of land behind their final home on Goebel Road was also developed by the Tyron group.

Like his father and brother before him, David became an active member of Rotary. Serving as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and President of the New City Rotary Club. During his tenure as District Governor in 1987-1988 of District 7210, David was known as “the ladies’ man.” The year that women were finally inducted into Rotary.

At the same time, he was named as a National Coordinator for Polio Plus. His plans to coordinate the raising of more than $4 million within District 7210 over two years, to help eradicate Polio by 2015, was a world-wide effort of all Rotary Clubs. The organization dedicated itself to collecting to vaccinate most of the children expected to be born over the next few years in impoverished nations.

In their largest fundraising effort, Rotary International set a goal of raising $120 million dollars world-wide. At the Philadelphia International Convention it was announced that Rotary International had actually raised $240 million, doubling their goal, to rid the world of polio. The magnanimous efforts of David and Jeffrey Keahon were a considerable contribution to the success of this fundraising campaign.

David’s business career was varied; while owning Pedersen’s Travel, he became actively involved with ICONN (Island Complex Offshore New York, New Jersey and Connecticut)-Erie, in Irvington, NY, a massive project to re-dredge the Erie Canal, using the dredge spoil to fill hollow, modular, ballastable caissons to build an energy island offshore Manhattan.

The project that still remains alive, now known as POSEIDON Patents, Inc,, that includes ICONA (Island Complex Offshore North America), as well as eight other major marine logistics patents, of which he was still a Vice President.

He was Vice President of The Page Connection, a Westchester based Graphic Design/PR and Communications firm, that published his District Newsletter, and that of several future Rotary Governors.

After selling Pedersen’s Travel to his Nephew, Thomas Scott Pedersen, when the fund raising effort of Polio Plus came to a close he took on the position of Executive Director of the Rockland YMCA’s, running 13 satellite facilities, and spearheading the renovation of the swimming pool, in great need of repair.

David continued to serve on many Boards of Directors, many with Jeffrey; The YMCA, Jawanio, the Hi-Tor Animal Shelter, and many others. They were both major contributors to the election campaign for C. Scott Vanderhoeff for County Executive of Rockland. Scott remained County Executive for over 20 years. He then worked as the Project Coordinator of the Rockland Environmental Corps and the Rockland County Youth Bureau.

His last endeavor was that VP of Marketing Coordinator of “The Collections of Maria, Inc..” The marketing of 2000 pieces of artwork of his late mother-in-law, Maria Chattey. He was also working on a website to market his own works of art, known as “Zin Works”, of which he was the Zin Master. He always carried his notebook and magic markers… His art unique unto any that have ever been seen, and will become a Collection themselves.

In his later years, David’s intense studies of world religions, brought him to Buddhism that he studied extensively and practiced in earnest. With much enlightenment coming from the writings of many of the great teachers; The Dali Lama, Eckhard Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Andrew Harvey, among many others, supported by his dear friend Beverly Cavalcante, a truly enlightened being.

David was a unique soul who was never forgotten by anyone who met him, and loved by all that knew him. He had friends all over the world, but his closest circles remained in Rockland County. His wisdom and profound, eloquent speaking manner was appreciated by all who heard him. His amazing sense of humor, perhaps his greatest gift, made people laugh until they cried.

And now he is off playing golf with Jeffrey again…

God bless you and keep you, David, and may your new friends continue to enjoy your wit and wisdom.

If any of you wish to add a word to the list of testimonials, something that you were grateful for about your relationship, or memories with David, or any photographs that could be included in the presentation, any and all would be deeply appreciated, and may be sent to

Thank you for your kindness and deep friendships…

Memorial Service


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Friday, November 28, 2014

Julianne Keahon Wiley RIP

It's with heavy heart that I write this.  Our mother, your friend, cousin, lover of animals passed away Tuesday at about 5:30pm.  She went peacefully and in no pain.  We are greatly saddened about her passing but choose to celebrate who she was as a person, a generous and caring soul.

In the last few days, I have had an opportunity to speak with so many people about the nice things our mother did for them and it makes us happy to know that she brought such joy and fun to people's lives.

Brenda Burlington Wiley


Julianne Wiley, daughter of Harold Vincent Keahon and Ethel Frances Burlington passed away peacefully on November 25, 2014. She was born in Teaneck, NJ on January 1, 1948 and was a long standing resident of Pearl River, NY where she grew up with her siblings Jeanne-Marie, Janice and Jeffrey Keahon. She's predeceased by her brother Jeffrey Keahon, who passed last September and her sister Jeanne-Marie Baer in December, 2011. After college, Julianne moved to Maryland and married Hugh Peter Wiley who passed away in 1977. Julianne's father, Harold, built a beautiful home for his daughter and grandchildren in Pearl River, NY. She was a homemaker and worked part-time at the family business, Keahon Brothers, Inc. as a bookkeeper while raising her three children Brenda Burlington, Andrew and Shane Wiley. In her pastime, Julianne would spend a great deal of time keeping in touch with family members over the years. She enjoyed connecting people together. Her love for animals and helping others, coupled with her sense of humor was incredible. Julianne would knit hats, gloves and scarves for the homeless and veterans in Rockland County. She would also knit colorful beds for rescue animals up for adoption. Julianne is survived by her sister Janice Keahon, her three children and her daughter-in-law, Yaixia Wiley. She will be greatly missed by many cousins, nieces, nephews and friends.

Funeral Arrangements
She will be at Higgins Funeral Home located in New City, NY.  The cemetery is St. Anthony's in Nanuet. 

Wake and Mass
Wake Visiting hours will be on Monday, Dec 1st from 2pm-4pm & 7pm-9pm
Mass will be Tuesday, Dec 2nd at Higgins, 10am followed by burial at St. Anthony's in Nanuet

Higgins Funeral Home, New City, NY
Address is: 321 S Main Street, New City, NY 10956

*GPS, please note that directions via GPS may steer you to Route 304 - you will need to continue on past the Christmas Tree lot to New City sign and turn left on to S Main.  Higgins is on the left 1/4 mile once you turn on to S Main off of Rt 304.

Mass Cards:
St. Margaret's,  Pearl River
St. Aedan's, Pearl River

House address:
The Wiley Family
499 Orangeburg Road
Pearl River, NY 10965

Friday, May 30, 2014

Shane Wiley's new company

Congratulations to Shane on the start of his new company:
360 Degree Moving

Shane says that he's following in the footsteps of his ancestor Patrick Keahon, who was born in Ireland, but grew up in the US, and launched a successful trucking company. It's a story somewhat reminiscent of another one of Shane's ancestors, his great-grandfather Harry J. Burlington, a poor boy from Ireland who came to the US and started a successful elevator company. Here's what his web site says:!about/cipy

Shane Wiley has over 18 years of experience in the moving industry and brings his expertise as President to 360 Degree Moving. Grandson of Harold Keahon, who was a Rotarian in Rockland County,  and owner of Keahon Brothers Inc. , a ready mix concrete company in Pearl River.  The Keahons emigrated from Ireland in 1858,  where as a poor boy Patrick H. Keahon drove a truck until he was able to start in business for himself.  He became a proprietor of one of the largest trucking businesses in New York City, and later in life a Tammany district leader.  As President of 360 Degree Moving, Shane continues his family lineage in the trucking industry which dates back to the 1800's.

The following PDF from the New York Times Archive gives a bio of Patrick H. Keahon, as well as  some fascinating Tammany Hall history: 

Best wishes with your new venture, Shane...
go n-éirí an bóthar leat!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hilary's Trip to Ireland

Lismore Castle

I received an email from my sister Hilary this summer asking: "Do you have any info on where in Kilkenny County, Ireland our maternal grandfather was from?  I remember our mother talking about visiting Kilkenny once, and how close she felt to her father there... we have unexpectedly gotten an invite to Ireland ( to stay at Lismore Castle) and I was thinking maybe I would try and visit Kilkenny when I am there.."

Town of Callan
I gave Hilary a timeline that I had been maintaining but had not yet published.  I thought the timeline might be helpful when she went exploring. She and husband Phil found time to visit the town of Callan in County Kilkenny, which was 50 miles away from Lismore Castle.

Lismore Castle
Hilary had a wonderful time at Lismore Castle. She said: "The current Lord Of Lismore Castle is Lord Burlington... it would be funny if we were actually related!"

Yes, indeed! Lismore Castle has quite a colorful history which you can read about on Wikipedia.

The castle was acquired by the Cavendish family in 1753, and is still owned by the Dukes of Devonshire, but is lived in for only a short part of the year. The 12th Duke, who succeeded to the title in 2004, continues to live primarily on the family's Bolton Abbey estate. His son, William Burlington maintains an apartment in the castle and recently converted the derelict west range (2006) into a contemporary art gallery, known as Lismore Castle Arts. For most of the year the family's private apartments at Lismore are available to rent by groups of up to twenty-three visitors.

Hilary and Lord Burlington
They took the following pictures which we're very grateful to have. It's wonderful to see the town and the houses, one of which is where our ancestor Grandpa Burlington was born.  Unfortunately the houses had no numbers, but she was able to figure out which ones they should be.


Burlington Timeline
I decided it was time to publish the timeline.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Celebrating the Life of Jeffrey Keahon

(click to enlarge)

From the Pearl River Patch:
On the night of what would have been his 70th birthday, there will be a celebration of the life of Jeffrey Keahon 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 21 in the Pearl River High School Auditorium.

Keahon, known for his humanitarian contributions in and beyond his Pearl River home and Rockland County, passed away Sept. 18.

Organizers of the celebration are asking that participants "follow his lead" by bringing a donation to the charity of their choice. The donations will be collected prior to the service and delivered to the organization the person chooses. Donations to the organization of a participant's choice can also be mailed to Celebration of Jeffrey Keahon, PO Box 282, Pearl River, NY 10965. Those will also be forwarded to the chosen charity.

Keahon served as president of the Historical Society of Rockland County and as a member of the American Revolutionary Roundtable. He was on the Jawonio Board of Directors, serving terms as president of its boards in New York and New Jersey. He was also a past president of the Rotary Club of Pearl River and held the post of President for Rotary International District 7210, which includes 66 communities in eight counties.

The long list of organizations Keahon held leadership positions with also includes the Nyack Hospital Foundation, Keep Rockland Beautiful, Rockland YMCA, Hi-Tor Animal Care Center, Nami-Familya,  Friends of the Orangetown Museum, the Rockland Community Foundation and Cornell Cooperative Extension.

He won awards including the Philanthropist of the Year from the Rockland Development Council, Friends Award from Jawonio, the Joseph B. Bernstein Award from the Mental Health Association, The Distinguished Citizen Award from the Association for the Visually Impaired and the Rockland Leaders Award for the Arthritis Foundation.

Brunch in Honor of Jeffrey Keahon on Nov. 10 2013

A brunch honoring Jeffrey Keahon will be held at the Thayer Hotel at West Point on November 10 2013. Tickets are $50.

Seated on a hilltop in Upstate New York, with commanding views of the Hudson River and the United States Military Academy at West Point , The Historic Thayer Hotel at West Point is a national historic treasure, visited by past US Presidents, international leaders, and celebrities alike. Located on the hallowed grounds of the Academy, this breathtakingly beautiful West Point hotel lodging is like no other in the world.

For more information about this event contact:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Memorial Service for Jeffrey Keahon

A Memorial Service for Jeffrey Keahon was held
on September 23, 2013
at the Wyman-Fisher Funeral Home
in Pearl River, NY

Speaker David Pedersen.

Speaker Jim Murphy


Here are a few snippets from the many things I heard about Jeffrey that day:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Harold Jeffrey Keahon

Obituary Published in The Journal News, Sept. 21 2013

Harold Jeffrey Keahon
(November 22, 1943 - September 18, 2013)

U.S. Veteran Harold Jeffrey Keahon, known to his family and many friends in the community as ‘Jeffrey’. At age 69, he passed away on Wednesday, September 18that the Joe Raso Residence of United Hospice of Rockland County in New City. He was a lifelong resident of Pearl River, New York.

Born on November 22, 1943, Jeffrey graduated from Don Bosco Preparatory High School in 1961 and Georgetown University in 1965, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy. A proud Veteran, Jeffrey served with the United States Army as Specialist First Class with the 387th Transportation Battalion in South Vietnam. He was employed until his retirement as secretary/treasurer of Keahon Brothers, Inc. Jeffery travelled the world throughout his life, he appreciated all the different cultures and learning all he could. He enjoyed reading and people, and especially his philanthropy works.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Visitation for Jeffrey Keahon Set for This Weekend

Those wishing to pay their respects to Jeffrey Keahon of Pearl River will be able to do so during visitation at Wyman-Fisher Funeral Home on Franklin Ave. in Pearl River Saturday and Sunday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Keahon, known for his volunteer work in Rockland County and beyond, died Wednesday morning at the Joe Raso Hospice Residence in New City.

He served president of the Historical Society of Rockland County and a member of the Jawonio Board of Directors, The long-time Rotarian held the post of District President for Rotary International District 7210, which includes 66 communities in eight counties, from 2008 to 2009. He was also a past president of the Rotary Club of Pearl River. For more of Keahon's history, contributions and accomplishments, see this report on Patch.

News of his passing drew these reactions on Patch.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pearl River philanthropist Jeffrey Keahon who 'embodied service' dies at 69

Jeffrey Keahon, a respected Rockland County philanthropist and student of history, died Wednesday at the Joe Raso Hospice Residence in New City. He was 69.

The Pearl River resident dedicated himself to a broad range of causes.

“Consummate Volunteer” Jeffrey Keahon Died Today

From the Pearl River Patch:
News of Jeffrey's passing drew reactions on the local patch.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The heyday of Tice and Van Riper farms


Here's a bit of nostalgia for the good old days. Many of us remember our visits to Tice's and Van Riper's on crisp fall days to get apples, cider and pumpkins. And that wonderful trough at Tice's where you could hold your cup up to the spiggot and get all the cider you could drink. Oh, and don't forget the fresh doughnuts. I remember my mother introducing me to the little old lady who ran the doughnut machine at Tice's. She had once been my mother's elementary school teacher many years ago!  

Alas, these wonderful old farms are no more. We think you'll enjoy reading about them in this article, which gives us a feeling for old New Jersey.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yaixia and Shane

We have some new pages on the archives that you'll want to see:

Shane Wiley and Yaixia Justiz:

Yaixia and Shane's Wedding Album:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Those Burlington Girls!

They are the It Girls.

They all have "it" - that Burlington look - beautiful! I think it's mainly in the eyebrows and cheekbones, but there's also a certain je ne sais quoi.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mary Ann Evans Burlington

We are here today to remember Mary Ann Evans Burlington. I, Patsy, am her oldest daughter but not far behind me are Mary Lee, Sheila  and Maureen . We would all like to thank you for your presence today as we celebrate our mother’s life.

Mary Ann Evans grew up in Montvale, NJ with loving parents , Mary and Bernard, a sister Grace and a brother Bernard affectionately called Buster.  She was extremely bright, an excellent student and in high school was the only girl in the Trigonometry class.  She was on the tennis and golf team and was always interested in writing. Her father, an accountant was a graduate of Pace University and was on the board when my mother began her studies there. She majored in Journalism and landed her first job in NYC at the ITT. At age 21, she married our Dad, William Burlington, who also lived in Montvale.  She knew the Burlington family as our father’s sister, Alice was my mother’s childhood friend. Her career was short lived as she soon had four daughters   and stayed at home to raise her family in Ridgewood and later in Glen Rock.

Our mother was a stately, beautiful woman and had an opportunity to do some modeling. One day, she saw an ad for a Miss Ridgewood Contest and she decided to enter. She neglected to say that she was actually Mrs and had 4 toddlers at home. She reminisced to me one day that she never thought she would win and when she did she had to give up her title! She continued modeling at church luncheons and even modeled with my two daughters at their school‘s fashion show. But her passion was volunteering and she was involved in many community programs including teaching swimming at the Y to children with disabilities, working with the Girl Scouts, assisting the nurses at the Valley Home Clinic in Glen Rock and chairing the Deanery Committee at St Catharine’s .  As a volunteer, she is most remembered  for her dedication to Valley Hospital for over 40 years first as a Gray Lady delivering flowers and later working in the emergency room.

 We remember our mother’s other “ passions”… politics, line dancing, country music, Judge Judy, summer nights in Belmar with Bobby Byrne  and  reading the Enquirer because inquiring minds need to know. Her sense of humor always made our day and her upbeat personality made being around her such fun.  She never missed

American Idol or Seinfeld or the Academy Awards.  I still remember the thrill of being invited to “stay up” and watch with my grandmother and mother and to this day, I have enjoyed the show every year with my mother.

And let’s not forget  Mother the shopper…she would tell us how she would send us off to school and head to Bamberger’s probably looking for a new coat! And even when she couldn’t get to the mall, she was catalog shopping and enjoying hunting for that perfect new outfit. We four daughters often benefited from these shopping sprees as she would insist that we  buy a “prize”. But even with all of these interests, writing was at the top of the list.
She continued her love of writing throughout the years in her many journals and even self-published her memoir Life in the Past Lane. Her sons-in-laws,( Brian Deceased), Phil and Ray and her  grandchildren Kelly, Kara, Julie, Jessica, Scott, Laura, Megan, Michael , Kevin and Jill and great –grandchildren , Connor and Hope, Ella, Owen and Teddy, Reilly, Matthew and Allyson, Jack and Lily, Mary and William, Molly and Matthew can attest to her loving notes sent with every birthday card with her signature  yellow smile face. With ten grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren  ( and one on the way)  to remember, we marveled at her organization. They all had a special place in her heart..she attended every college graduation and every wedding  and was interested in all of them. Her generosity knew no bounds as she was always treating some family member to an unexpected gift ..and when you said it was too much, she would say, “Just say thank you”. And now it is our turn to just say thank you, Mother for  your generosity, for your love , for the happy beach memories in Spring Lake and the care free days at the Lake with the  Evans’ and the Cassidys'. You always were our Christmas angel and we will never forget all the special themes that you created to make Christmas magical for your family. You loved  hosting parties and even at the end you were planning a 4th of July family reunion at the beach. We will carry your independent spirit, your faith ,your love of family and the memories you gave to all of us in our hearts forever.

Patricia Burlington Madden  
March 15, 2013

There's Something About Mary

The message on my answering service was from my cousin Julianne Keahon, who was saying in breathlessly: "I just received Aunt Mary's Mass program in the mail, and I can't get over how elegant she looks!. When I saw the program I agreed that she did indeed. That had always been a perfect word to describe Mary Burlington. Always beautifully dressed, model-thin and with a regal bearing, she was the epitome of elegance.  And in addition to that she was beautiful, inside and out. We all mourn her passing as the end of an era.


"Remember me in smiles and laughter,
as I will remember you
If you remember me with tears and sadness, then
don't remember me at all."
~Mary Burlington


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Memory of Mary

Mary Ann Burlington
Spring Lake

Mary Ann (neé Evans) Burlington, of Glen Rock and Spring Lake, died Saturday, March 9, 2013. Born in Jersey City, NJ, raised in Montvale, she graduated from Park Ridge High School and majored in Journalism at Pace University in New York City.

She was predeceased by her parents, Mary and Bernard A. Evans and her beloved husband, William E. Burlington. She was the sister to the late Bernard M. Evans and Grace Miller. She is survived by her loving daughters, Patricia B. Madden of Mahwah, Mary Lee Clancy and her late husband Brian of Spring Lake Heights, Sheila B. Finnerty and her husband Raymond of Vienna, VA and Maureen B. Caffrey and her husband Philip of Glen Rock. Loving Grandmother to Kelly Crispell, Kara DuRie, Julie Molthen, Jessica Madden, Scott Caffrey, Laura Lang, Megan Jolin, Michael Clancy, Kevin Finnerty and Jill Clancy. Cherished great-grandmother to Connor and Hope Crispell, Reilly, Matthew and Allison Molthen, Ella, Owen and Teddy DuRie, Mary and William Caffrey, Jack and Lily Lang, Molly Finnerty and Matthew Jolin.

Mary was a dedicated volunteer for over 40 years at the Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, where in later
years she worked in the emergency room. She made many contributions to her community, as a swim teacher to children with disabilities at the YMCA, as a Girl Scout Leader, as a volunteer at the Valley Health Clinic in Glen Rock, and as a member of the Deanery at St. Catharine's Church in Glen Rock. She was a member of the Ridgewood Country Club and Belmar Fishing Club. Mary and her family were blessed with many happy memories in Spring Lake. She will be remembered for her independent spirit, her unending generosity, her strong faith, her love of writing and most of all her love of family.

Visiting hours will be Thursday 2 - 4 & 7 - 9pm at the Vander Plaat Funeral Home,, 257 Godwin Ave., Wyckoff, NJ 07481. Funeral Mass will be Friday, 10:00am at St. Catharine's Church, 905 Maple Ave., Glen Rock, NJ with internment to follow at the Ascension Cemetery in Monsey, NY. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to The Friends of Rich Fritzky Trust, 9 Roseville Road, Stanhope, NJ 07874.
Published in Asbury Park Press on March 12, 2013

Mary's Memories of growing up in Montvale

Mary Ann Evans grew up in Montvale, New Jersey. She and Alice Burlington attended grammar school together, and she married Alice's brother Bill.  Here are some of her memories of those golden days:

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

In Memoriam

In loving memory of our two brothers that we lost this year:
Arthur S. Somers
b. November 19 1947
d. July 2 2012

Son of Alice and Arthur Somers
Brother of
Pamela, Cynthia and Hilary

Thomas H. Burlington
b. August 7 1939
d. August 25 2012   
Son of Mildred and Arthur Burlington
Brother of
Carol, James, Gail and Robert

Rest in Peace

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Celebrating Cindy

A celebration of the life of Cindy Koeppel was held on Saturday June 30 , 2012, in the Berkshires. Here are some pictures from that weekend:

Celebrating Cindy: